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DjVu is a computer file format designed primarily to store scanned documents, especially those containing a combination of text, line drawings, indexed color  Mangler: stream ‎ norskehuldreeveasbjgoog ‎ norskehuldreeveasbjgoog.
WinDjView is a fast, compact and powerful DjVu viewer for Windows with tabbed MacDjView is a simple DjVu viewer for Mac OS X, also with continuous scrolling. User-created bookmarks and annotations; Text searching and copying*.
DjVu (pronounced 'déjà vu') is a digital document format with advanced compression technology and high performance value. Mangler: stream ‎ norskehuldreeveasbjgoog ‎ norskehuldreeveasbjgoog. Best Twitch Donations (Text To Speech)

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Describes the page width, height, format version, DPI, gamma, and rotation. Do right now your first DjVu for free! DjVu viewers are available for the web browser, the desktop, and PDA devices. References other FORM chunks. If present, must immediately follow the DIRM chunk.
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