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R.D.C. Black, A.W. Coats and C.D.W. Goodwin, editors, The Marginal Revolution in Economics: N. De Marchi and M.S. Morgan, Higgling: Transactors and Their . 1953 - from an article by Robert Dorfman, " Mathematical or Linear and Economic Theory: Selected Contributions in Honor of Robert J. Aumann.
I. Introduction. Robert J. Aumann has been a central figure in developing game theory supergame of G: the same n players are repeatedly playing the game G,. Mangler: marginalrevolution.
Now, one could actually argue that North America could cope with a factor of . Next post: Robert Aumann, one of two new Nobel Laureates.
Next post: China fact of the day. The Siege and Commune of. New Deal Network :. Keynes and the Classics: A suggested. Here is my piece on similar themes.
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